And so here it is: my portfolio. A sampling of my favorite art and photography, it will be uploaded at least every month. Thanks for coming!

All art and photography is mine unless otherwise noted. Enjoy!

Photos last added on September 11, 2018

IMG_8037marshglacier 3glacier 2oceanglaciershighwayalaska 5forest 1alaskamushroom 1alaska 2alaska 1

coralpalmshelllighthousecoral95E44261-CF2F-4B31-A3F8-3CF32F1F3521E16EA0D2-DEBB-43C2-8968-B62F5DB27540E02FE64E-99F8-4322-B1C8-B1E6F7C255D031654A07-D296-4962-8096-E1F3F40768A63978D65C-B06D-415B-87CF-973D8AE2C296shellsshelleymemorialrainbowspalmglassshelldolphindolphindolphindolphindolphintail flukessailwoodshellpalm heartpalm 2crab 1plumeriastingray 2stingray 1turtle


I absolutely love this one!

_MG_3972_MG_3722_MG_3881 (1)_MG_3839 (1)_MG_3822_MG_3906 (1)_MG_3873

_MG_3648 (2)_MG_3639_MG_3645_MG_3644_MG_3634_MG_3506_MG_3592_MG_3516_MG_3479

_MG_3419_MG_3401_MG_3370_MG_3364_MG_3357_MG_3232 (1)IMG_3277 (1)_MG_3151_MG_3127_MG_3218_MG_3221_MG_3199

Photo credit to my mom ❤




I love this pic! If you look at the tops of the trees it kinda looks like a smily face 🙂
I love this one because of the bokah!
More bokah!!!
I don’t have a zoom lens for my new camera but I liked how everything around the ladybug was blurred.
This is one of my favorites ❤


It was a little hard to position this poppy because we weren’t allowed to pick them.





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