+ los angeles day trip!!

heyyyy everyone! since i got school off for the holiday, we decided to take a day trip into la. it was fun and i'm excited to share!! + malibu pier photos we were lucky to get into malibu because of the mudslides. the pier is one of my fave photo spots (: + shopping ~… Continue reading + los angeles day trip!!


+ autumn goals + camp photos

    Heyyyyyy! How is everyone? Today I will be sharing some of my goals for this autumn! I love posting about this every once in a while, I feel it makes me more accountable to it or something like that XD. +sugar free again!!! Oh my word, I ate soooo much sugar this summer!… Continue reading + autumn goals + camp photos

+ back to school haul + a trip to alaska

Hey there everyone!! I'm back, again (yeah I had to break my very informal blogging schedule once again...XD) But that's ok. I'll have plenty of time to blog once school actually starts and I have a set schedule (that sounded really weird but it’s true) So a while back I got a bunch of pens… Continue reading + back to school haul + a trip to alaska

Emily in Paradise: Part 6

Hey everyone! Welcome to the sixth and final day of my blog series! We didn’t really do much today, since we had to fly home today. I woke up really early to go to the beach, then we drove to the airport. Our flight got into LA super late so not much happened other than… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 6

Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately

hey there!! How is everyone? I hope you're having spectacular days! Today I have photos from a recent trip to the lake and to a small museum close to the beach. Enjoy!   Well, that's all! I hope you liked them! Which one was your favorite? highlights from the lake Kayaking with Sydney Eating yummy… Continue reading Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately