+ horse + beach photography + fall outfits

Hey there, everyone ❤ I still can't believe it's finally cooler again!! It actually rained, you guys!!! (it hasn't rained since last spring...) I've successfully carried out a couple of my autumn goals: wayyyy less sugar, more riding time, organization, reading, etc. I've also been getting back into photography recently, and I took some photos… Continue reading + horse + beach photography + fall outfits


+ autumn goals + camp photos

    Heyyyyyy! How is everyone? Today I will be sharing some of my goals for this autumn! I love posting about this every once in a while, I feel it makes me more accountable to it or something like that XD. +sugar free again!!! Oh my word, I ate soooo much sugar this summer!… Continue reading + autumn goals + camp photos

+ back to school haul + a trip to alaska

Hey there everyone!! I'm back, again (yeah I had to break my very informal blogging schedule once again...XD) But that's ok. I'll have plenty of time to blog once school actually starts and I have a set schedule (that sounded really weird but it’s true) So a while back I got a bunch of pens… Continue reading + back to school haul + a trip to alaska

Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately

hey there!! How is everyone? I hope you're having spectacular days! Today I have photos from a recent trip to the lake and to a small museum close to the beach. Enjoy!   Well, that's all! I hope you liked them! Which one was your favorite? highlights from the lake Kayaking with Sydney Eating yummy… Continue reading Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Portfolio Add-Ons

hello there! How is everyone? I hope you're having a fantastic day! Today I'm going to be showcasing a few of my portfolio add-ons! I didn't have enough photos to do an individual full post on these trips, but I still wanted to share them with you all. Anyway, enjoy! Doheny Beach I'll be adding… Continue reading Portfolio Add-Ons