+ fall calligraphy spreads // collab with Gaby

Hey everyone ❤ Today Gaby over at quaint and darling and I are sharing a few autumn-themed calligraphy spreads, so be sure to head over to her lovely site and check her post out, too =) Here are mine: A little fox chasing a leaf ❤ I used my muji pen for this one. a pretty… Continue reading + fall calligraphy spreads // collab with Gaby


+ october bujo spread: books + coffee

hiya legends!!! (XD) Hey everyone! today I have my october bujo spread to show off! Since it's finally autumn here, the theme is coffee and books (which is basically what fall is about for me... if it were tea instead  🙂 ) this is my intro page: I had to rip up an old book for… Continue reading + october bujo spread: books + coffee

+ our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another collab with Sydney! Yes, another… (XD -Sydney) We’d like to show off our aesthetics! It’s been a recent obsession of ours 😉 Here’s mine: Basic colors: light blue, mustard yellow//ochre, off-white   So let’s take a look at the individual images: Definitely my dream car (complete with surfboards!!)… Continue reading + our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA