so, it’s been a little while!

hello everyone!
so. i kind of just took a impromptu break for a while. i am totally not giving up on blogging, but i just needed to take a break since i have a lot of changes going on with school and stuff right now. anyways, here’s what i’ve been up to:

πŸ† went on a flower field photoshoot

πŸ† went to a friend’s birthday party at the beach

πŸ† ate a bunch of fro yo from active culture (my favorite!)

πŸ† won first place three times and second place three times at the horse shows!

πŸ† went skiing!

πŸ† went to an 80’s themed school dance!

πŸ† had a whole week off school for ski week!

πŸ† got accepted to an amazing school for next year, and switched my current school

πŸ† started half-leasing a horse!!

πŸ† went to the gym multiple times every week (i feel so accomplished ahaha)

πŸ† going to camp soon!

πŸ† having a birthday soon

πŸ† going to new york really soon!

πŸ† realized i’ve been blogging for a whole year!

πŸ† got instagram a little while back, user is eminthesun_ πŸ™‚

well, i know it’s been some time and i am really excited to be back! xx


8 thoughts on “so, it’s been a little while!”

  1. we missed you, but glad you’re back (: happy early bday too, love. and you’re not the only one taking some breaks, before last week i almost took a month off. can’t wait to see more, em xx
    syd 🌟


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