+ {another} glossier review!

hello loves!

i’m back with a glossier makeup haul as promised, haha (:

anyways, these are some things i bought with christmas money and i’m super excited to be reviewing them today.

+lidstar duo

first off, the lidstars! i bought them in moon (light cream color) and slip (baby pink color) after trying them on in the store. they work really well together and are super sheer. i originally bought them as “fun” makeup, like for special occasions or, well, just for fun, but i actually wear them more than i expected to. definitely favorites of mine!

+cherry balm dotcom

ahh, i adore this stuff! it’s also really subtle and ever since i started wearing this, my lips are a lot less dry (it’s super dry here so they always seem a bit chapped). i love the cherry smell and the color, which isn’t bright red or bright pink, somewhere in the middle.

+lip gloss

this is probably my favorite lip gloss! it’s not sticky or gluey, and it’s super glossy. it also moisturizes, which is a big plus!

+bonus pocket mirror

last off, this li’l pocket mirror that came as a free gift (:

it didn’t come scratched, in the picture it looks scratched but that was before i pulled of the film. and who doesn’t love a portable compliment?

that’s all for now! i’m planning on a trip to glossier soon to check out some skincare stuff, so i will possibly be doing another, another glossier review, haha! see ya soon guys < 3


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