+ a winter haul

hello everyone!

today i will be sharing a winter haul (from christmas//things i bought this winter) (:

+ accessories

i finally got a kånken bag! it is so cute and really durable which is awesome! also shown are some assorted scrunchies, socks, a necklace and choker, and some pins (:

+clothing and shoes

favorites of these include the graphic tops (brandy melville), teddy jackets (urban outfitters), and the doc martens! i also love the red plaid skirt and gingham dress.


no picture for this yet because they haven’t shipped quite yet, haha! maybe i’ll do another li’l review for them soon. anyway, i bought two lidstars (moon/slip), the clear lip gloss, and cherry balm dotcom. i wanted to add some masks and the cleanser as well as some of the other skincare stuff, but i’m planning to go to the store sometime or while i’m in new york to try them out first.


i got a new a5 bullet journal from muji and some of those amazing pens too! but that’s about it for the stationery (:

well, that’s it for now! thank you for reading, and have a lovely rest of the day!


13 thoughts on “+ a winter haul”

  1. OH MY, EM. the honey shirt. so iconic i love it. 💛 your clothes/shoes are always so amazing. you’re going to love the cherry balm dot com 🙂 and lmk how you like the gloss, i really want to get it next time. see you soon hopefully– we need to get boba together sometime soon, XD.
    syd x

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