+ happy new year! ~ my goals and resolutions for 2019

hello again everyone, and happy new year!! i’m so excited for 2019 and i’d like to share a few of my goals.

+ diet

i was pretty consistent with being sugar-free (well, until christmas anyway). but since there is so much sugar around during the holidays, i decided to take a break and it’s not been good. in 2019, i plan to only eat sugar one time a week at most, excluding holidays and vacations (because you have to try the food when you travel, of course!)


this month i will be in my first two horse shows! and hopefully a few more later in the year. i’d like to get better so i can compete more, too.

i also need to surf more! i hardly surfed in 2018 ): but i will probably be surfing more, depending on which school i go to this year. the most likely candidate has a amateur surf team for literally anyone, even if they’ve never surfed, so i want to join that!

+journaling and art

i kind of stopped bullet journaling in november. i did get a new journal so i will be starting over again!

as for art, the only painting i did this year was doing a painting for my mom for christmas, which was a huge hit! so i will be doing some more for my dad’s office and such (:


i recently had to deep clean my room because of christmas and such, so at least that’s over, haha! i kind of want to switch up my room a bit… a more vintage surf theme?? also, i really want to buy a record player (because why not? )


i’ve been working on clearing up my skin once and for all. hopefully no sugar and all the work i’ve been putting into it will finally pay off this year!


in a couple months, my family and i will be heading over to new york city for a week! i’m super excited and i want to make the most out of this trip. i already have a list of restaurants to try and places to visit and we’ve booked out flight and hotel! we’re also hoping to see a broadway show (:


my overall goal is to become a better person. i want to work to be more encouraging, kind, and helpful. and to procrastinate less.

so that’s it for now! hope you have a totally amazing new year!!


12 thoughts on “+ happy new year! ~ my goals and resolutions for 2019”

  1. Happy (almost) New Year!!!
    Haha, I remember that one day when, like, 5 people offered you a donut but you couldn’t have one…Ahhh, memories 😂😂😂
    Also, we have to go surfing again soon!!!

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