+ my christmas wishlist // gift ideas

heya everyone!! i’m back- sorry for taking a random 3 weeks off, XD

it’s currently raining atm which is super exciting since we absolutely never get rain!! so it’s the perfect day to write up a blog post (:

today i will be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for this christmas. these are just gift ideas// favorite things that i think lots of you would like, just remember: giving is better than receiving!

so, that’s about it for today!! sorry for the short post, but  i hope you enjoyed (:

see you next week or so, lovelies!! 


22 thoughts on “+ my christmas wishlist // gift ideas”

  1. ooooh, glossier!! i went to the los angeles storefront recently and tried on tons of products, XD. i bought some of the generation g, and the balm dot coms. the balm is amazing, btw. it works so much better than any other lip balm i’ve tried.
    loving your wish list, em!! hope you get some of the things on your list!

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  2. heya em! all of these look lovely – just one quick question (i’m so sorry XD)…
    i’m thinking of getting some tombow dual brush pens for xmas, and i was wondering what colour packet you would recommend? right now i’m leaning towards the pastel… but do you know if it still shows up? xx

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    1. hi guys… sorry for interrupting XD. i saw tombow dual brush pens and had to comment haha.
      i have two of the brush pen sets (galaxy and pastel) and would really recommend the pastel pack! it isn’t too bad when showing up on paper, but some of the colors are harder to see. it looks so good when doing ombre though! the colors themselves are really nice and i use them all the time so yea.
      sorry again for commenting but i would def recommend either the pastel pack or the bright pack (which im getting soon)
      hope this helped x

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      1. all good syd XD also i love how you stalk ems comments XD
        ok!! i’m just using a cream coloured (it’s not quite white XD) dotted journal from officeworks haha – so the colours would probably be fine. how do you do ombré? just curious… you’ll have to teach me all the tips and tricks! so pastel pack definitely and then maybe the bright pack – thank you so much!! sorry again em XD x

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      2. ofc!! lol 👌 sorry em!
        i just saw you mentioned tombow and had to read the rest of the comment XD
        i use a creamish colored journal, too. and i think it looks fine. you’ll be okay!
        ill do a post on handlettering tips then haha!
        the bright pack is literally just a brighter version of the pastel pack tbh so you wouldn’t be missing out on any of the colors.
        anytime, rhi! x

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