+ mini haul: glossier + pen pals??


Welcome back everybody!! Missed you guys, XD
Today I’m showing off a couple things I recently bought from Glossier:
Glossier’s pretty popular over here (there’s a store nearby) and I’ve seen a few bloggers reviewing their products.

I bought the Wowder (finishing powder) in light//medium with the matching brush, and the Generation G Matte lipstick in Cake:




(note: none of these items were sponsored)


I love these products! They’re definitely Emily-approved 😉

The color of the Wowder matches my skin well, and even though I was expecting the lipstick to be a little too light, it had a darker tint and looks really nice 🙂 I’m hoping to try it out in the other colors, as well.



So, that’s that.
Now onto the 2nd little topic I wanted to bring up:

So, I’ve been seeing a few bloggers mention or request pen pals, and I’ve decided to give it a try!
If you’re interested in being pen pals (or emailing), please fill out the contact box below!! (just a heads up, I’m not sure how many I will be able to accept, but please let me get back to you if you’re interested)


See you all soon!!


what did you think? ever tried any glossier products? would you be interested in being my pen pal (or emailing, for location privacy reasons)?

em 2



25 thoughts on “+ mini haul: glossier + pen pals??”

  1. ooh, i gotta try out some of those products!! i’ve seen a few glossier hauls around the blogosphere too. loved the haul.
    i would love to pen-pal, em! i have a few already but another one can’t hurt, right? XD we’re moving, so i’ll email you my new address.
    btw, i think we’re planning an oak glen trip next week or so. i think the mom’s are planning somethin so yea. XD

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