+ october bujo spread: books + coffee


hiya legends!!! (XD)

Hey everyone! today I have my october bujo spread to show off! Since it’s finally autumn here, the theme is coffee and books (which is basically what fall is about for me… if it were tea instead  🙂 )

this is my intro page:


I had to rip up an old book for this… I felt so bad tearing it up 😦

here’s the spread:


A lil’ page with coffee cup mood trackers:


And finally my polaroid and reflection page 🙂

IMG_0273 (2).JPG

SO that’s all for now 🙂  Be sure to check out Mal’s post comin’ out soon! See ya (cringe)! XD


thoughts? do you have a bullet journal? have you posted your october spread?

em 2


24 thoughts on “+ october bujo spread: books + coffee”

  1. Wow your bullet journal is beautiful! I love the old book pages (even though I can totally relate to feeling bad about tearing up books, the end result is amazing…)

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