+ autumn goals + camp photos




Heyyyyyy! How is everyone?

Today I will be sharing some of my goals for this autumn! I love posting about this every once in a while, I feel it makes me more accountable to it or something like that XD.

+sugar free again!!!

Oh my word, I ate soooo much sugar this summer! what happened to me? Earlier this spring i was so good and ate little to no processed sugar at all. And then, vacation, and life… so i want to get back into it, maybe make some more acai bowls 🙂

+calligraphy and brush lettering

I am overall satisfied with my calligraphy at the moment but i really want to be better. I’m actually getting a lot better with the amazing tombow dual brush pens, but my normal calligraphy with the hard tipped tombow fudenosuke pens is actually getting worse…

+be more productive with schoolwork

I tend to procrastinate. a lot. i am mostly on top of the workload since it’s still the beginning of the year but i know that it’s going to get a lot harder…

+organize my room and desk

This was actually a school assignment in leadership//life skills and I want to have a nice clean study space to work at.

+get better at surfing//horseback riding

Autumn is my favorite time of year to go to the beach! And even though i adore surfing i’m just not amazing at it. So hopefully I can get out in the water more often.

I’ve been riding for maybe 2 years or so and i’m doing ok. Sadly i only got to ride one or two times this summer.  I’m getting into more lessons so that will help 🙂 and one of these days i gotta bring my camera and do a little horse photoshoot

+ improve my bullet journal

I was really happy with my july, august, and september spreads but i’m getting less creative with ideas. thankfully I have mal who helps me out a ton as well as various bloggers and youtubers 🙂

+read more!

I just realized how little i’ve read lately except for school books. I keep seeing a ton of book suggestions from friends and around the blogosphere and hopefully i’ll be able to go read some of them.

I also recently returned from camp and wanted to share a few pics 🙂

At camp we had lots of fun zip lining, going on the giant swing at 11 pm (XD), eating wild raspberries, enjoying the worlds legit best milkshakes (one of the reasons why I need to get rid of sugar again), kayaking, and other fun stuff.


I loveee climbing trees! this nice photogenic one was right outside our cabin. my hair’s a bit of a mess but it’s camp, right?

campberry 2berryflower 1

Well, that’s about it for today! Thank you for reading 🙂
Have an lovely day!!

em 2



27 thoughts on “+ autumn goals + camp photos”

  1. I loved this. I love how that picture turned out on the tree. haha, good luck with going sugar free again! it would be so hard for me to get back into it again since I’ve been so bad lately. (3 donuts in one week XD) camp was super fun and we still have to watch Gone with the Wind. it’s gonna happen.
    but here I am rambling. hope you have an amazing autumn and good luck with your goals, Em!
    xo sydney

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  2. This post was so cool – I loved how you did seasonal goals. I’m going into spring… finally some warmer weather! Are the tomboy dual brush pens worth it? I’m looking into getting some.
    Also, I saw your Pinterest! It’s so cool – when did you get an account? (On the side bar thingy of your blog) I followed 😉
    Rhi xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Rhiana! Ooh, lucky you 🙂
      The tombows are totally worth it!! I recommend the pastel or bright pack.
      Aww, thanks, XD Just a little while ago for my personal account 🙂


      1. Oh haha! I finally thought it was going to be cold here- and then the next day it was 90 degrees, XD
        They do show up well, the pink is a bit bright though 🙂 It totally does!! XD


  3. Ooh these are awesome goals! 💖 And like you, I had WAY too much sugar over the summer, so I’m cutting back now, too. 😔😂 It was fun while it lasted! And I love horseback riding, as well – I’d LOVE to see a horse Photoshoot! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Haha, I’ve almost fully cut it out but not quite, XD
      Great! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I’m actually going to the stables to do some photography this weekend if it doesn’t rain, so stay tuned ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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