+ back to school haul + a trip to alaska


Hey there everyone!!

I’m back, again (yeah I had to break my very informal blogging schedule once again…XD)

But that’s ok. I’ll have plenty of time to blog once school actually starts and I have a set schedule (that sounded really weird but it’s true)

So a while back I got a bunch of pens and stationary from amazon and it finally came!

Ok. Theses tombow dual brush pens are absolutely amazing. They work super well and I love the colors! I’m already using them for my September bullet journal spread 🙂

And the same goes for the mildliners! I may have frequently borrowed these from my lovely friend Mal, so I decided to just save her the trouble and buy my own.



My new backpack! I love the pattern and colors and… well, basically everything about it!


At my school we wear uniforms so the only things we can really pick for ourselves are backpacks/shoes. So, I went the the Vans store and bought myself some of these awesome retro old skool vans ❤

Annnndddd… we went to Alaska!

It was super pretty even though it was raining almost the whole time. Here are a few of my 400 photos (XD)

alaska 1

alaska 2mushroom 1

I totally freaked out when I saw this mushroom. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life (if these mushrooms grow near you, then you probably think I’m crazy, XD)alaska

A lovely river ❤

forest 1

alaska 5highway

We pulled over on the freeway to take in the lovely view ❤

The ocean is actually behind the guardrail I zoomed in on, but I liked the angle in this photo (and the ocean was so muddy and cold compared to our amazing California beaches, haha)


On one of the days there, we took a boat out to see some glaciers and were not disappointed!!

There were also SEA OTTERS 😍 but I forgot my zoom lens unfortunately..

glacier 2glacier 3


I honestly couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that it was that cold in summer (Alaska summers are even colder and windier than winters here…)marsh

And finally, a pretty walk to see the sunset (at 10:30 PM…)


Are you back in school yet? Don’t you love Vans? ❤ Have you travelled lately?




17 thoughts on “+ back to school haul + a trip to alaska”

  1. 😂I totally would have let you borrow my mildliners bur it’s still lit 🔥😆 that you got your own! also, that’s awesome that you got to go to Alaska!!! I must ask, however, were the sea otters there anything like the seals here? you know my relationship with sea creatures kind of sucks…😂

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  2. I completely forgot I never commented on this post. XD Alaska looks gorgeous. ❤ I love the pictures! I literally just bought some of those pastel Tombow Dual Brush pens a while back and am getting more soon. WHY do our minds think so alike?? the whole same font situation was crazy. 😂
    sydney xo

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