+ our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA


Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another collab with Sydney!

Yes, another… (XD -Sydney)

We’d like to show off our aesthetics! It’s been a recent obsession of ours 😉

Here’s mine:


Basic colors: light blue, mustard yellow//ochre, off-white


So let’s take a look at the individual images:


Definitely my dream car (complete with surfboards!!)


Ahhh I love the vintage feel of the surfboards!


I was actually using this pineapple as a prop in a photo and decided to just take a pic for my aesthetic, since they’re so yummy and aesthetic, XD


I love these shoes! ❤ I actually have this pair in another style

surf aerial

Ahh so aesthetically pleasing! I LOVE surfing and the ocean, so this is perfect ❤

A bit of credit to the Coastal Twins (because I kind of borrowed this photo from their aesthetic, XD)

sun flower

Sunflowers are so pretty and a favorite flower ❤


Super cute and my favorite color


I would totally wear this, I love that shade of yellow


Polaroids! So cute and vintage

*all photos (except for the pineapple which I took) were found on the internet*

Stay tuned for Sydney’s post soon this Friday, and if you still haven’t signed up for her giveaway, be sure to check that out below 🙂

Sydney’s HUGE Font Bundle Giveaway


What colors//themes are in your aesthetic? Do you like mine? Have you checked out Sydney’s aesthetic?



16 thoughts on “+ our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA”

  1. I’ll have my post up by Friday. sorry for the wait. I forgot that I scheduled another post today and it ruined my schedule for the week. haha. do you mind putting it up there that mine will be out soon? thanks, Em!

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  2. i love your aesthetic, emily!!! i think my colors would be pastel-ish blue, very, very, VERY pastel orange, and off-white (so i basically copied you in like 2 of my colors)

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