Back to school haul + a trip to Alaska


Hey there everyone!!

I’m back, again (yeah I had to break my very informal blogging schedule once again…XD)

But that’s ok. I’ll have plenty of time to blog once school actually starts and I have a set schedule (that sounded really weird but it’s true)

So a while back I got a bunch of pens and stationary from amazon and it finally came!

Ok. Theses tombow dual brush pens are absolutely amazing. They work super well and I love the colors! I’m already using them for my September bullet journal spread 🙂

And the same goes for the mildliners! I may have frequently borrowed these from my lovely friend Mal, so I decided to just save her the trouble and buy my own.



My new backpack! I love the pattern and colors and… well, basically everything about it!


At my school we wear uniforms so the only things we can really pick for ourselves are backpacks/shoes. So, I went the the Vans store and bought myself some of these awesome retro old skool vans ❤

Annnndddd… we went to Alaska!

It was super pretty even though it was raining almost the whole time. Here are a few of my 400 photos (XD)

alaska 1

alaska 2mushroom 1

I totally freaked out when I saw this mushroom. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life (if these mushrooms grow near you, then you probably think I’m crazy, XD)alaska

A lovely river ❤

forest 1

alaska 5highway

We pulled over on the freeway to take in the lovely view ❤

The ocean is actually behind the guardrail I zoomed in on, but I liked the angle in this photo (and the ocean was so muddy and cold compared to our amazing California beaches, haha)


On one of the days there, we took a boat out to see some glaciers and were not disappointed!!

There were also SEA OTTERS 😍 but I forgot my zoom lens unfortunately..

glacier 2glacier 3


I honestly couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that it was that cold in summer (Alaska summers are even colder and windier than winters here…)marsh

And finally, a pretty walk to see the sunset (at 10:30 PM…)


Are you back in school yet? Don’t you love Vans? ❤ Have you travelled lately?



August Bujo Spread


Hey everyone! What’s up? ❤

I’m back with another bullet journal post with my August spread!!

I’m doing a surf theme with metallic gold, teal, and orchid (magenta) this month.

Here’s the cover page (don’t you love VW vans?) :



And the spread! I love the gold marker ❤


The mood tracker was pretty hard but I love how it turned out!

bujo (2)

A little blog/notes section 🙂


Haven’t filled anything else out but I wanted my polaroid in there, XD

I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to give any suggestions for upcoming spreads (I’m thinking succulents for one and a galaxy theme for another?) 🙂


What did you do for your August Bujo spread? Have you ever used a surf theme?


Our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA


Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another collab with Sydney!

Yes, another… (XD -Sydney)

We’d like to show off our aesthetics! It’s been a recent obsession of ours 😉

Here’s mine:


Basic colors: light blue, mustard yellow//ochre, off-white


So let’s take a look at the individual images:


Definitely my dream car (complete with surfboards!!)


Ahhh I love the vintage feel of the surfboards!


I was actually using this pineapple as a prop in a photo and decided to just take a pic for my aesthetic, since they’re so yummy and aesthetic, XD


I love these shoes! ❤ I actually have this pair in another style

surf aerial

Ahh so aesthetically pleasing! I LOVE surfing and the ocean, so this is perfect ❤

A bit of credit to the Coastal Twins (because I kind of borrowed this photo from their aesthetic, XD)

sun flower

Sunflowers are so pretty and a favorite flower ❤


Super cute and my favorite color


I would totally wear this, I love that shade of yellow


Polaroids! So cute and vintage

*all photos (except for the pineapple which I took) were found on the internet*

Stay tuned for Sydney’s post soon this Friday, and if you still haven’t signed up for her giveaway, be sure to check that out below 🙂

Sydney’s HUGE Font Bundle Giveaway


What colors//themes are in your aesthetic? Do you like mine? Have you checked out Sydney’s aesthetic?


Summer Faves

welcomeHey there everyone!  ❤

Today I’d like to show off some outfits/accessories that I’ve been loving this summer!

+ outfits

white top + rust-colored tied shorts + straw floppy hat + strappy sandals


striped top + high waisted shorts + pastel blue vans

o1.jpg pastel blue romper + faux suede floppy hat + pura vida wave bracelet


striped shirt + mom jeans + rose gold cloudfoam adidas


+ beach favorites

beach blanket // pineapple straw hat //halter top style 2-pieces // sunbum sunscreen + tinted chapstick // rip curl boardshorts // billabong woven sandals


Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed ❤

And stay tuned for a collab with Sydney next week (hopefully, XD)

Syd also wanted me to mention that she is hosting a blog-iversary GIVEAWAY for UNLIMITED beautiful fonts, clipart, and so much more! Go give her blog some love:



Which outfit was your favorite?//What are your favorite summer styles?