+ recent favorites//pens + stationery


Hello everybody! I’m back (but you probably didn’t know I was gone, did you?)

Last week I was over at summer camp with my church. It was super fun and I had a blast relaxing in the pools on free time, playing Steal the Bacon on a giant slip-n-slide (it got intense), and having very deep and amazing small group time with my friends.

So that’s why I messed up my sort-of blog schedule, sorry, XD.

Anyways, today I’m going to show off some of my favorite pens/stationary (thank you Mal for the idea).


calligraphy//brush lettering and decorative pens


Left to right: Tombow Fudenosoke soft tip, white uni-ball signo  broad, tombow fudenosoke hard tip, decocolor premium gold, decocolor premium copper/rose gold, bic white-out pen

Out of the two Tombow pens, I would have to say that I prefer the hard tip, mainly because it bleeds/runs less and there’s more of a difference between the up and down strokes. My other favorite calligraphy and brush pens are the the Tombow Fudenosoke black and gray double sided and the tombow dual brush pen markers, which I’ve used but haven’t ordered for myself yet.

The metallic pens are oil based and don’t bleed much when I use them in my bullet journal. The color shows up well and is opaque.

I actually like the brand white-out pen better than the other white pen. I don’t really use it as white-out; I use it for detailing or for writing/drawing on a darker surface.

crayola supertips


I use these as a sort of cheater calligraphy/brush pen. Hey, they work almost as well, XD

Sadly, I’m missing a lot of them (you’ll notice that the red marker has been a bit chewed up…). They don’t bleed through my bullet journal so I use them in my spreads a lot.

I also use the lighter colored ones as highlighters. My other favorite highlighters are the zebra mildliners, which I’ve borrowed from friends.

cristal up pens

cristal up

I was given these pens by the amazing Mal. They work really well and don’t spontaneously stop working when I’m using them, XD. They are my go-to pens fot my bullet journal or anything, really.

papermate flair (tropical + candy colored)


These felt tip Flair pens are fun and have lasted for a while. I love the colors of them and they work pretty well ❤


Well, that’s all for now! I hope you have an awesome rest of your day ❤



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    1. Hey girl hey! JUST BE YOURSELFFFF AND BE-YOU-TIFUL! (anybody else reading this comment, I assure you, we’re not totally insane… XD)

      Thank you! And likewise 🙂

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