July Bujo Spread


Hey everyone! How are your summers going? It’s really hot now (this week the highest temperature was 112º F…)

Today I’d like to finally show off my bullet journal to you guys!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I got it back in June.

I bought it from Muji in late May, and it shipped to my house within a week. I accidentally ordered the wrong journal and so it’s way smaller than I thought it would be.

Here’s my bullet journal:

For my July bujo spread, I decided to use a pineapple theme. It turned out nicely and I’m excited to show it off to you!

Here are the cover pages:

pineapple 1

I loved how these turned out! The markers worked pretty well and didn’t bleed much. I realized that most of you haven’t seen my calligraphy before, so, there it is! XD

Here’s the calender (which took a while, since my journal isn’t very big…)

july spread

For the mood tracker, I did a pineapple and colored in each square. I liked how the other side turned out (except for that I messed up one of the squares, *facepalm*)

pineapple 2

Under the ‘birthdays’ area, you’ll notice that Sydney decided to fill in my journal a little bit, XD

polaroid bujo

Here’s the last of July’s spread! I had to washi tape over that one part at the bottom of the page since my gold pen bled a bit on the page behind (I got a little bit into bullet journaling last week and have August’s spread almost done already, XD)

Well, that’s my bullet journal! I hope you liked it 🙂


I will be adding a little site page for Clover and Piper soon (they say ‘hi’ to all of you ❤ )

As you may have seen on one of the pages in the journal, TWA is now one year old!! Happy blogiversary, Syd!! She will be hosting some sort of giveaway or special post sometime soon, so make sure to check that out whenever that ends up happening, XD

See you next time!


17 thoughts on “July Bujo Spread”

  1. i love your bujo em! and even though yours is smaller, it’s cool because it’s basically the size of your hand meaning that it’s easier to carry around, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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