Meet Clover & Piper!

greetingI really hope you like my photography, because I’m here yet again with some more of it.

I’d like to present to you… my baby bunnies! Yes, plural bunnies. My parents were so overcome by the cuteness of baby rabbits and finally caved graciously allowed me to get them, so long as I paid for them, paid lots and lots of attention to them, and all that.

Clover and Piper are baby Holland Lop rabbit and super fluffy and adorable ❤ My  friend Sydney and I decided to do a photo shoot with them to capture some of their cuteness.

It was a bit difficult naming them, because there were so many cute name ideas from my friends (Percy and Annabeth, Max and Ruby, Winston, Poppy, etc.). I finally decided to name the lighter colored boy Clover and the darker colored girl with perkier ears Piper (thank you to Sydney for coming up with that name idea… she was really set on having one of my bunnies named after a Percy Jackson character…)

Clover was super sweet and chill ever since we picked him up. He instantly fell asleep in my arms (awwwh <3)

Piper is also sweet and a little shy, but she’s warming up to the new bunny hutch and everything. She loves to explore and cuddle with Clover (cuteness overload)!

Here are my photos, enjoy!


bunnies 1
Here they are! Clover on the right, Piper on the left ❤
clover 1.png
Clover in the bunny hutch
piper 1.png
Piper being adorable <33

piper 2.png

clover 2.png

clover 3
Awwh so cute!

clover 4



Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

Did you like my photos? Should Clover and Piper be the official blog mascots? ❤



13 thoughts on “Meet Clover & Piper!”

  1. aweee… the little bun buns!! I miss them so much! give ’em some kisses for me. <33 they should totally become the blog mascots for Em in the Sun. can't wait to see more, Em!
    (yes, I remembered to comment! XD)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yaaaayyyy!!!!! im so glad you finally got them emily! I know how much youve been talking about getting them (its been like a few months XD) theyre adorable

    Liked by 1 person

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