Emily in Paradise: Part 3

greetingIt’s me again (obviously, who else would it be? XD)!

Welcome to Day 3 of Emily in Paradise!


what I did today

Guess what, guys?
I swam with dolphins again today!!

This is my third time swimming with dolphins in my life, and I’m so excited! Dolphins are my absolute favorite animal (and I’ve always kind of been an animal nerd, XD) ❤

Our dolphin’s name was Cosmo, and I did a 90 minute snorkel and interaction with him. It was an such amazing experience to swim and hug the dolphin! I also got to (kind of) ride Cosmo (see the video at the bottom)!

After my 90 minutes of dolphin heaven, we walked over to Aquaventure again, where I finally braved the Leap of Faith! Okay… my dad pushed me onto it… but still!

After a fun time with the water slides and a large amount of chlorine water in my eyes, nose, and throat, we met up with some friends for dinner. 🙂

photos and videos

A sailboat in Nassau harbor- photo taken off my balcony

tail flukes

How can you not love this face?! 😍
The story behind Dolphin Cay


Sorry for the bad video quality… if you can’t see it well, I’m the blob in the water getting towed around by the dolphin, XD

Awwwwhhh ❤️




See you all tomorrow!

Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

Aren’t dolphins so utterly amazing? *squeals*



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