Emily in Paradise: Part 2


Hey everybody! Welcome back!


what I did today

After eating breakfast, we headed down to Aquaventure for the first time. There’s a building at the center of the water park that launches most of the water slides off of it. We started off by doing that, and it was so fun! I screamed really loud, and apparently after I went down, my brother said, “Wow, she sounds like a cheesy horror movie scream” XD

Let’s read some descriptions of the slides, shall we?

Leap of Faith (the one I screamed the loudest on, XD):

The Leap of Faith slide offers a daring and adventurous 60-foot almost-vertical drop from the top of the world-famous and iconic Mayan Temple. The body slide propels riders at a tremendous speed through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.

The Abyss (my favorite one!!):
Beginning with a staggering 50-foot near vertical drop through complete darkness within the Power Tower, this thrilling 200-foot-long body slide ends as guests splash through waterfalls and into The Cenote – an underground lair of prehistoric alligator gars and fish.

The Surge (my favorite inner tube slide)

Starting at the top level of the 120-foot Power Tower, this inner tube ride features a camel back drop into a cavern, then quickly twists and turns downwards into white-water rapids caused by a flash flood.

Source: atlantisbahamas.com

Sounds fun, right? XD

After a long day of the water park, we headed over to the beach- which is every bit as stunning as the promo photos!

On the way back to our hotel (the Reef tower), we stopped by the turtle and ray lagoons.


shellpalm heartpalm 2crab 1stingray 2stingray 1turtle

Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

Which photo was your favorite? Would you be brave enough to go down those slides?



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