Meet Clover & Piper!

I really hope you like my photography, because I'm here yet again with some more of it. I'd like to present to you... my baby bunnies! Yes, plural bunnies. My parents were so overcome by the cuteness of baby rabbits and finally caved graciously allowed me to get them, so long as I paid for… Continue reading Meet Clover & Piper!


Emily in Paradise: Part 6

Hey everyone! Welcome to the sixth and final day of my blog series! We didn’t really do much today, since we had to fly home today. I woke up really early to go to the beach, then we drove to the airport. Our flight got into LA super late so not much happened other than… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 6

Emily in Paradise: Part 5

Hello, hello, hello! I’m back (again)! what did I do today? We started off the day by heading to Nassau, the main island. Atlantis is right next to it, on Paradise Island. Nassau is very different than the super American-ized Atlantis. It was interesting to walk through and see all the historic sites and the… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 5

Emily in Paradise: Part 4

Hey everybody!! Welcome back, again! 😂 I spent the day at the beach with my family and a few friends. I snorkeled the coral reef with my GoPro as well, which was amazing! Afterwards, we headed over to Aquaventure again to get in some action. photos   Which photo was your favorite? Should I try… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 4

Emily in Paradise: Part 3

It's me again (obviously, who else would it be? XD)! Welcome to Day 3 of Emily in Paradise! what I did today Guess what, guys? I swam with dolphins again today!! This is my third time swimming with dolphins in my life, and I'm so excited! Dolphins are my absolute favorite animal (and I've always… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 3

Emily in Paradise: Part 2

Hey everybody! Welcome back! what I did today After eating breakfast, we headed down to Aquaventure for the first time. There's a building at the center of the water park that launches most of the water slides off of it. We started off by doing that, and it was so fun! I screamed really loud,… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 2

Emily in Paradise: Part 1

What's up, friends? 🙂 Welcome to the beginning of my long-ish-awaited Bahamas blog series! I’m starting off today with a shorter intruductory post. Enjoy! Well, let's get to it!! I'm so excited and blessed to be able to take this trip! We’re staying on Paradise Island, at Atlantis, which takes up the majority of the… Continue reading Emily in Paradise: Part 1

An Emergency- Please Pray for me!!

Hi friends, Sorry for the ugly, graphic-less post, haha I just wanted to do a quick post and ask you all to keep us in your prayers. There is a large fire right next to our house. It's also raining ash. Our car is stuck a few blocks away and we're kinda panicking, and I… Continue reading An Emergency- Please Pray for me!!

May Recap//June Goals//Bible Inspiration

June is finally here! I really can't believe it, haha! May's been a really important and busy moth for me. I'm excited to share the best parts of May as well as some things to look forward to in June! posts last month Portfolio Add-ons Trip Photography (mountains/desert) Birthday Highlights Recent Photography// What I've Been… Continue reading May Recap//June Goals//Bible Inspiration