Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately

hey there!!

How is everyone? I hope you’re having spectacular days!

Today I have photos from a recent trip to the lake and to a small museum close to the beach. Enjoy!


I had to lie on my stomach on the dock to get this one. The things I do for cool photos!!



A pretty cactus flower at the little museum


Well, that’s all! I hope you liked them! Which one was your favorite?

highlights from the lake

  1. Kayaking with Sydney
  2. Eating yummy pizza and watching Black Panther 🙂
  3. Making aesthetic boards! We had so much fun doing it (and now we’re slightly obsessed with them). Here’s mine:
    my aesthetic

(all photos were either found online or on Pinterest)


  1. I have again changed my blog design! Right now I’m headed for a coastal theme. As of now, I’ve only changed my header but the sidebar widgets/ blog button will be changed soon.
  2. I’ve decided to do a full blog series (6 parts) for the Bahamas trip (rather than doing 1 or 2 posts randomly). It’ll be coming up soon!
  3. Two other friends of mine have also started blogs!

The Sun, Sea, and Everything Between

Middle School Psychology

That’s all! See you soon! *waves*



16 thoughts on “Recent Photography//What I’ve Been Up To Lately”

  1. awesome photos, Em! aw, kayaking was super fun! and also watching Black Panther! (Wakanda forever! 😂) lovely blog design too! where did you find that watercolor background for it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and your fake accent was hilarious XD
      Thank you, again! It’s actually not watercolor, it’s a close up of the ocean. ❤


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