Recent Photos – Butterflies, Flowers, and More

hello lovelies!

I hope you all enjoy my photography, because I have even more of it 🙂

We were at the LA Natural History Museum for the free homeschool day, and, being the camera obsessed girl I am, I thought I would try my luck at some butterfly photos in the Butterfly Pavilion. Halfway through the tour of the butterflies, I got distracted, so here are some of the flower pics I took, too. 🙂



Bananas! Looks really tropical (which I love!)
a passion fruit flower, probably the coolest looking flower you can find around here! also passion fruit is amazing!
my little brother found this amazing butterfly hanging around (literally!)


Butterflies are such a blessing from God ❤

I hope you enjoyed! What did you think of my photos?

Also, I’m hoping to post some awards/tags soon! I’m really excited for a couple of them, especially 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.14.25 PM


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