Random Photography: Aliso Canyon and Moss Cove

❤ Hello Everyone ❤

How have you all been lately? I’ve been taking so much photography that I had to group it all together in this post! Well, here goes!

These first pictures are from Moss Cove, Laguna Beach. Even though it was really high tide, I still got some nice photos! Enjoy!


Thank you, Mom, for taking this beautiful photo of me! It took a while because we had to take it when I was in the air! XD



That’s it from Moss Cove. I hope you enjoyed it!

Now onto Aliso Canyon! The other day, we went on a small hike into the canyon during sunset. Our hike turned into a photo shoot, and there were some really nice pictures. Here they are:



It was so windy! My hair is so crazy

Thanks to Syd for taking these pics! While we were doing this impromptu photo shoot, I took a few photos of her. She’ll be posting them on her blog soon (if she hasn’t yet XD).

Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos! If you want to see more from Moss Cove, please check out Artistically Emily, my portfolio blog. Another little random thing I’d like to mention is my first month blogiversary! It does not feel like it’s been a month! So far, I have 20 followers (as of when I’m posting this), and I’ve stared a graphic design studio! Wow, not bad, huh?

Well, that’s it for now! I hope all of you have a lovely week ❤

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.14.25 PM


19 thoughts on “Random Photography: Aliso Canyon and Moss Cove”

  1. Oh, the pictures turned out wonderful! I’m so happy. XD
    Well, I think I’d better start on my post now too… haha. It’ll be out by Monday, hopefully…

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