Award Time! (four of them, to be exact )

hello! How're you doing? I haven't done any awards lately, and they're starting to pile up on me! So it looks like it's... award time! yay! Let's get right to it, then... Wait! One thing- I don't have enough people to nominate for all of the tags! So I'm going to be nominating 1 or… Continue reading Award Time! (four of them, to be exact )


Recent Photos – Butterflies, Flowers, and More

hello lovelies! I hope you all enjoy my photography, because I have even more of it 🙂 We were at the LA Natural History Museum for the free homeschool day, and, being the camera obsessed girl I am, I thought I would try my luck at some butterfly photos in the Butterfly Pavilion. Halfway through the tour… Continue reading Recent Photos – Butterflies, Flowers, and More

Victoria Beach Photography

hello friends! I hope you're all having amazing days! If you know me (or read my about page 🙂 ), you know that I love the beach and try to go there as often as I can!  Today we went down Victoria Beach in Laguna. It's such a beautiful place and the water is so… Continue reading Victoria Beach Photography

Random Photography: Aliso Canyon and Moss Cove

❤ Hello Everyone ❤ How have you all been lately? I've been taking so much photography that I had to group it all together in this post! Well, here goes! These first pictures are from Moss Cove, Laguna Beach. Even though it was really high tide, I still got some nice photos! Enjoy! That's it… Continue reading Random Photography: Aliso Canyon and Moss Cove

Rancho Las Lomas

hey there, lovelies ❤ I'm back with more photography!! Today it's from Rancho Las Lomas, a wedding venue/ zoo (kinda). They've got zebras, a white tiger, foxes, birds, and lots more. Sadly, I didn't get good pictures of the zebras or tiger... but enjoy these! Hope you enjoyed my random photography! Have you ever heard of… Continue reading Rancho Las Lomas

CA Citrus Park Photography

Hey there, everybody ❤ I wanted to share some of my photography from today's field trip! This time, we went to the California Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside. It's acres and acres and acres and... well, you get the idea, of citrus groves. They're so beautiful (and smell AMAZING)! Well, here are some photos!… Continue reading CA Citrus Park Photography

Poppy Fields!

Hey there! We're on Easter Break right now, so I thought it would be fun to head down to San Diego for some photography. The Carlsbad Poppy fields are in bloom right now, and they are SO, SO, pretty! Here are some pics:   Other than that, we've been having some fun surfing and some… Continue reading Poppy Fields!

Happy Easter!

  HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!! Just wanted to do a short post to wish everybody a happy Resurrection Day (and April fools, too, I guess)! I hope you have a great day! We're heading over to the family farm today for a little family reunion. What are you going to do today? I'd love to hear… Continue reading Happy Easter!