Room Tour and Decorating Tips!


Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to do something a little different from my other posts. I’m going to give you a few decorating tips for your room, a couple DIYs, and give you a tour of my room.

First of all, here’s a pic of my room:


*DISCLAIMER: My room isn’t always this clean…*

Here are some tips that I use for my room, and I think will work well for yours, too:

  1. Try to keep it simple. I know it’s hard to actually get around to cleaning up your room, but it makes it look so much prettier. Just try to get rid of or put away any knick-knacks.
  2. Pick a theme! I went with a total beach theme, with a surfboard and everything! A color scheme makes it easier to find stuff for your room.
  3. Stay with the theme! If you have more that one theme, it kind of gets confusing to look at. Even though there are a few exceptions to this (I personally like beach/tropical rainforest themes together), it usually doesn’t look nice together.
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I could spend HOURS looking through room decor magazines and dreaming of room upgrades. But when you see the priceon that new chandelier or desk… well, yeah. Well, it really doesn’t need to be that expensive to look good! Just look for stuff that would look nice in your room that isn’t that much. Or, look around your house for stuff you can repurpose for your room (I have shells from my garage and an old surfboard).  It’s also super fun to make your own! Which leads me to…

DIYS!! Here’s a couple DIYs that I’ve made over the years:

1) This pin board is a little hard to make and requires a lot of materials, but it looks really nice, and overall, it’s not as expensive as buying one from a store. Buy some thicker fabric, sort of like canvas. Paint a design on it if you want. This is where it gets hard. You’re going to need to buy a panel of sound-proof material. Then, cut it to the size you want. I made mine surfboard-shaped. After you’ve cut it, lay the fabric on top and use a heavy-duty stapler on the back. Cut off the extra fabric. And there you have it, a pin board for less than half the price of one from a store. Here’s mine:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 2.39.51 PM2) These are super easy and not expensive at all. Just go to the nearest craft store (or Amazon) and buy a small wooden board. You can paint it if you want. Then, find a few medium sized shells (you can get these at craft stores or just on Amazon, too), and hot glue them to he boards. Voila! Decorations for your room, in only a few minutes.

3) Another fun one for a beach theme is to buy a fish bowl or another glass container. Fill it with sand, sea glass, whatever you think looks the best. Use one of the shells mentioned above and stick it into the sand/sea glass/ whatever. Looks really cute, and again, super easy.

Well, thats it for now! I hope you enjoyed these tips and the DIYs! Now go have some fun with your room!

em new graphix



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