More Beach Art/ Recent Photography



Hey there!

Happy Spring Equinox! Even though technically it’s been winter up until today, it hasn’t felt like it here. Today we went down to Salt Creek beach to work on some art. Salt Creek is the next beach over from Strands (if you saw my last post), and it’s a great beach for surfing and just relaxing. Even though I just worked on a couple quick paintings, it was great because I had a little extra time to test out my new camera (yay!!). Of course, the first thing I did when I got it was go around and take pictures of everything! Β Here are a few pics from the beach today as well as some of my (random) recent photography…

Malibu, one of my many pets. (I told you this would be random…)
Malibu (left) and Inky (right), top cat models of the future ❀


Coral tree blossoms! So pretty…
The Ritz-Carlton by Salt Creek Beach


Hope you enjoyed my art and photography (random as it may be :p)! What adventures have you been on this week? Let me know in the comments!

em new graphix


16 thoughts on “More Beach Art/ Recent Photography”

    1. Thanks, Syd! I didn’t want to make them too different but I think they turned out nicely. I’ve been so into Canva lately!! Also thanks for helping me out with the original graphics!
      ❀ Em

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    1. Thanks! I have been considering selling some of my other paintings to a store in San Diego. And your art was pretty good! If you didn’t like it… well, that’s why we’re taking the art lessons!
      ❀ Em

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