Tidepooling at Laguna Beach


 Hi everyone!!

One of the many perks of being homeschooled is the super flexible schedule. We decided to go tide pooling at Heisler Park, one of my favorite beaches nearby. I was amazed to see an octopus, multiple live abalone, beautiful sea anemone, and more. This was one of my favorite field trips I’ve taken. I definitely recommend Heisler Park beach for tide pooling, or if you just feel like having a beach day. What are your favorite tide pooling spots? What animals have you seen? Let me know in the comments!  Check out more pictures of this field trip and many others in my portfolio.

These pictures will also be posted on my friend Sydney’s blog. She is a good friend of mine and was with me when I took these photos.

Here’s a link to her website, The Weekly Adventurer:


This is a baby bat star. It was only about as big as a golf ball. So cute, right? ❤

We were so blessed to find an octopus! One of the rarer and harder to spot animals in the tide pool, we barely noticed it hanging out in a tiny space under a rock.
An abalone shell, also super hard to find!
The view of Laguna Beach from the Heisler Park tide pools
Beautiful sea anenome!!



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