Let the Adventure Begin!

Hey there! My name is Emily (but most people call me Em). I’m a first-time blogger, artist, photographer, and equestrian who loves everything to do with the beach. I have a heart for nature and for Jesus. You can find me at the beach, horse stables, or in my room painting or reading. My goals for this blog are to show you some of my homeschool adventures, art, photography, and a little bit about my everyday life in sunny SoCal.  Enjoy!


Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.

Esther 4:14

IMG_3541 (3)


em new graphix

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Hey there!! I’m Emily, a teen girl living in California whose mind is constantly wandering off to the not-too-far-away ocean. I have an obsession with boba tea, aesthetically pleasing stuff, surfing, photography, art, reading, bullet journaling, and have a big heart for God and His beautiful creation. Please go ahead and head over to the blog! I hope you'll stay a while and enjoy <3

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