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Hey there!! And welcome to Em in the Sun, my little corner of the internet.

I’m Emily, a teen girl living in California whose mind is constantly wandering off to the not-too-far-away ocean. I have an big heart for God and His lovely creation, and a few of my favorite things include the ocean, boba tea, aesthetically pleasing stuff, surfing, most anything retro, the color yellow, Brandy Melville, photography, art, Vans, reading, graphic designing, etc.

I hope you’ll stay a while and enjoy scrolling through my photography, randomness, and profound little tidbits ❤

xoxo Emily

September BuJo Spread


Hey there, everyone! I hope you’re having an awesome September!! I can’t believe that it’s already fall (or spring, I guess, if you live in Australia… lucky you 🙂 ) I’ve also just started school so I’ve been a little busy lately but I though I’d share my September bullet journal spread with you guys 🙂

This month I was really torn between doing a plant theme or galaxy theme, so I just decided to use neither and chose a yellow theme with honeycomb and bees.

Here’s the cover page:

bujo 1

bujo 2.jpg

Annnddd… the spread!

bujo 2.jpg

My mood tracker took up a lot of space but I loved how it turned out.

bujo 3.png

bujo 4.png

A cute li’l inspiration board 🙂

bujo 5.png

And the reflection for this month!

Well, that’s all for now! Have an amazing week ❤



Back to school haul + a trip to Alaska


Hey there everyone!!

I’m back, again (yeah I had to break my very informal blogging schedule once again…XD)

But that’s ok. I’ll have plenty of time to blog once school actually starts and I have a set schedule (that sounded really weird but it’s true)

So a while back I got a bunch of pens and stationary from amazon and it finally came!

Ok. Theses tombow dual brush pens are absolutely amazing. They work super well and I love the colors! I’m already using them for my September bullet journal spread 🙂

And the same goes for the mildliners! I may have frequently borrowed these from my lovely friend Mal, so I decided to just save her the trouble and buy my own.



My new backpack! I love the pattern and colors and… well, basically everything about it!


At my school we wear uniforms so the only things we can really pick for ourselves are backpacks/shoes. So, I went the the Vans store and bought myself some of these awesome retro old skool vans ❤

Annnndddd… we went to Alaska!

It was super pretty even though it was raining almost the whole time. Here are a few of my 400 photos (XD)

alaska 1

alaska 2mushroom 1

I totally freaked out when I saw this mushroom. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life (if these mushrooms grow near you, then you probably think I’m crazy, XD)alaska

A lovely river ❤

forest 1

alaska 5highway

We pulled over on the freeway to take in the lovely view ❤

The ocean is actually behind the guardrail I zoomed in on, but I liked the angle in this photo (and the ocean was so muddy and cold compared to our amazing California beaches, haha)


On one of the days there, we took a boat out to see some glaciers and were not disappointed!!

There were also SEA OTTERS 😍 but I forgot my zoom lens unfortunately..

glacier 2glacier 3


I honestly couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that it was that cold in summer (Alaska summers are even colder and windier than winters here…)marsh

And finally, a pretty walk to see the sunset (at 10:30 PM…)


Are you back in school yet? Don’t you love Vans? ❤ Have you travelled lately?



August Bujo Spread


Hey everyone! What’s up? ❤

I’m back with another bullet journal post with my August spread!!

I’m doing a surf theme with metallic gold, teal, and orchid (magenta) this month.

Here’s the cover page (don’t you love VW vans?) :



And the spread! I love the gold marker ❤


The mood tracker was pretty hard but I love how it turned out!

bujo (2)

A little blog/notes section 🙂


Haven’t filled anything else out but I wanted my polaroid in there, XD

I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to give any suggestions for upcoming spreads (I’m thinking succulents for one and a galaxy theme for another?) 🙂


What did you do for your August Bujo spread? Have you ever used a surf theme?


Our aesthetics// collab with Syd @ TWA


Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another collab with Sydney!

Yes, another… (XD -Sydney)

We’d like to show off our aesthetics! It’s been a recent obsession of ours 😉

Here’s mine:


Basic colors: light blue, mustard yellow//ochre, off-white


So let’s take a look at the individual images:


Definitely my dream car (complete with surfboards!!)


Ahhh I love the vintage feel of the surfboards!


I was actually using this pineapple as a prop in a photo and decided to just take a pic for my aesthetic, since they’re so yummy and aesthetic, XD


I love these shoes! ❤ I actually have this pair in another style

surf aerial

Ahh so aesthetically pleasing! I LOVE surfing and the ocean, so this is perfect ❤

A bit of credit to the Coastal Twins (because I kind of borrowed this photo from their aesthetic, XD)

sun flower

Sunflowers are so pretty and a favorite flower ❤


Super cute and my favorite color


I would totally wear this, I love that shade of yellow


Polaroids! So cute and vintage

*all photos (except for the pineapple which I took) were found on the internet*

Stay tuned for Sydney’s post soon this Friday, and if you still haven’t signed up for her giveaway, be sure to check that out below 🙂

Sydney’s HUGE Font Bundle Giveaway


What colors//themes are in your aesthetic? Do you like mine? Have you checked out Sydney’s aesthetic?


Summer Faves

welcomeHey there everyone!  ❤

Today I’d like to show off some outfits/accessories that I’ve been loving this summer!

+ outfits

white top + rust-colored tied shorts + straw floppy hat + strappy sandals


striped top + high waisted shorts + pastel blue vans

o1.jpg pastel blue romper + faux suede floppy hat + pura vida wave bracelet


striped shirt + mom jeans + rose gold cloudfoam adidas


+ beach favorites

beach blanket // pineapple straw hat //halter top style 2-pieces // sunbum sunscreen + tinted chapstick // rip curl boardshorts // billabong woven sandals


Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed ❤

And stay tuned for a collab with Sydney next week (hopefully, XD)

Syd also wanted me to mention that she is hosting a blog-iversary GIVEAWAY for UNLIMITED beautiful fonts, clipart, and so much more! Go give her blog some love:



Which outfit was your favorite?//What are your favorite summer styles?






Recent Favorites//Pens + Stationary


Hello everybody! I’m back (but you probably didn’t know I was gone, did you?)

Last week I was over at summer camp with my church. It was super fun and I had a blast relaxing in the pools on free time, playing Steal the Bacon on a giant slip-n-slide (it got intense), and having very deep and amazing small group time with my friends.

So that’s why I messed up my sort-of blog schedule, sorry, XD.

Anyways, today I’m going to show off some of my favorite pens/stationary (thank you Mal for the idea).


calligraphy//brush lettering and decorative pens


Left to right: Tombow Fudenosoke soft tip, white uni-ball signo  broad, tombow fudenosoke hard tip, decocolor premium gold, decocolor premium copper/rose gold, bic white-out pen

Out of the two Tombow pens, I would have to say that I prefer the hard tip, mainly because it bleeds/runs less and there’s more of a difference between the up and down strokes. My other favorite calligraphy and brush pens are the the Tombow Fudenosoke black and gray double sided and the tombow dual brush pen markers, which I’ve used but haven’t ordered for myself yet.

The metallic pens are oil based and don’t bleed much when I use them in my bullet journal. The color shows up well and is opaque.

I actually like the brand white-out pen better than the other white pen. I don’t really use it as white-out; I use it for detailing or for writing/drawing on a darker surface.

crayola supertips


I use these as a sort of cheater calligraphy/brush pen. Hey, they work almost as well, XD

Sadly, I’m missing a lot of them (you’ll notice that the red marker has been a bit chewed up…). They don’t bleed through my bullet journal so I use them in my spreads a lot.

I also use the lighter colored ones as highlighters. My other favorite highlighters are the zebra mildliners, which I’ve borrowed from friends.

cristal up pens

cristal up

I was given these pens by the amazing Mal. They work really well and don’t spontaneously stop working when I’m using them, XD. They are my go-to pens fot my bullet journal or anything, really.

papermate flair (tropical + candy colored)


These felt tip Flair pens are fun and have lasted for a while. I love the colors of them and they work pretty well ❤


Well, that’s all for now! I hope you have an awesome rest of your day ❤


July Bujo Spread


Hey everyone! How are your summers going? It’s really hot now (this week the highest temperature was 112º F…)

Today I’d like to finally show off my bullet journal to you guys!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I got it back in June.

I bought it from Muji in late May, and it shipped to my house within a week. I accidentally ordered the wrong journal and so it’s way smaller than I thought it would be.

Here’s my bullet journal:

For my July bujo spread, I decided to use a pineapple theme. It turned out nicely and I’m excited to show it off to you!

Here are the cover pages:

pineapple 1

I loved how these turned out! The markers worked pretty well and didn’t bleed much. I realized that most of you haven’t seen my calligraphy before, so, there it is! XD

Here’s the calender (which took a while, since my journal isn’t very big…)

july spread

For the mood tracker, I did a pineapple and colored in each square. I liked how the other side turned out (except for that I messed up one of the squares, *facepalm*)

pineapple 2

Under the ‘birthdays’ area, you’ll notice that Sydney decided to fill in my journal a little bit, XD

polaroid bujo

Here’s the last of July’s spread! I had to washi tape over that one part at the bottom of the page since my gold pen bled a bit on the page behind (I got a little bit into bullet journaling last week and have August’s spread almost done already, XD)

Well, that’s my bullet journal! I hope you liked it 🙂


I will be adding a little site page for Clover and Piper soon (they say ‘hi’ to all of you ❤ )

As you may have seen on one of the pages in the journal, TWA is now one year old!! Happy blogiversary, Syd!! She will be hosting some sort of giveaway or special post sometime soon, so make sure to check that out whenever that ends up happening, XD

See you next time!

Meet Clover & Piper!

greetingI really hope you like my photography, because I’m here yet again with some more of it.

I’d like to present to you… my baby bunnies! Yes, plural bunnies. My parents were so overcome by the cuteness of baby rabbits and finally caved graciously allowed me to get them, so long as I paid for them, paid lots and lots of attention to them, and all that.

Clover and Piper are baby Holland Lop rabbit and super fluffy and adorable ❤ My  friend Sydney and I decided to do a photo shoot with them to capture some of their cuteness.

It was a bit difficult naming them, because there were so many cute name ideas from my friends (Percy and Annabeth, Max and Ruby, Winston, Poppy, etc.). I finally decided to name the lighter colored boy Clover and the darker colored girl with perkier ears Piper (thank you to Sydney for coming up with that name idea… she was really set on having one of my bunnies named after a Percy Jackson character…)

Clover was super sweet and chill ever since we picked him up. He instantly fell asleep in my arms (awwwh <3)

Piper is also sweet and a little shy, but she’s warming up to the new bunny hutch and everything. She loves to explore and cuddle with Clover (cuteness overload)!

Here are my photos, enjoy!


bunnies 1
Here they are! Clover on the right, Piper on the left ❤
clover 1.png
Clover in the bunny hutch
piper 1.png
Piper being adorable <33

piper 2.png

clover 2.png

clover 3
Awwh so cute!

clover 4



Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

Did you like my photos? Should Clover and Piper be the official blog mascots? ❤


Emily in Paradise: Part 6


Hey everyone! Welcome to the sixth and final day of my blog series!


We didn’t really do much today, since we had to fly home today. I woke up really early to go to the beach, then we drove to the airport. Our flight got into LA super late so not much happened other than that.

Here are my photos:


It’s Shelley! Because seriously, what else do you name a hermit crab? 😂
A beautiful sculpture in memorial of the victims of 2016’s Hurricane Matthew.
My beautiful sandals 😂



On the airplane… that’s Atlantis down there

Annndddd… that’s all for this blog series! I had so much fun doing this and I hope you guys liked it, too ❤


Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

Are you glad that this series is finally over? Did you like my photos? 🙂


Emily in Paradise: Part 5


Hello, hello, hello! I’m back (again)!


what did I do today?

We started off the day by heading to Nassau, the main island. Atlantis is right next to it, on Paradise Island.

Nassau is very different than the super American-ized Atlantis. It was interesting to walk through and see all the historic sites and the shops. Most of the stores sold souvenirs, or expensive jewelry and purses.

Afterwards was my second dolphin experience- this time with my brother and friends!

Our dolphin’s name was Palmer, and she is just 8 years old! I got a dolphin kiss from her, which just about made my heart melt <33

She did a shark impression, screamed when we “scared” her, sang, did other adorable dolphin stuff, etc. 😍

We also went to the Dig, an aquarium created to look like the “ruins of Atlantis”, with mantas and a colorful variety of fish.

Finally, we went to Aquaventure for the last time 😦

I did do my favorite slides again, so that was nice 🙂

I can’t believe we have to leave tomorrow! These days have gone by so, so fast!




It looks like Palmer is going to dive bomb me, XD
My brother and me with Palmer ❤
Us with our friends petting Palmer ❤


No words necessary <33
IMG_5474 (2)
A beautiful manta day- almost twice my size!


IMG_5493 (1)
Really bad photo quality because it was dark and I was using my phone, XD



Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 4.23.29 PM

What did you think of Nassau and Paradise Island? Isn’t Palmer just so cute? ❤